Monday, March 30, 2015

The hero's journey

A hero is someone who is willing to lose...
whatever stands in the way of the authentic self,
who has the courage to seek truth no matter what,
who sees dark times as a sacred passage...
 for new understanding,
who transforms loss into compassion,
and who uses adversity to become stronger.

"I know you are tired, but come this way" - Rumi

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Trusting life

The tree knows to shed it's leaves
when a season has comes to an end.
Nature is aligned with the impermanence
of all things and acts accordingly.

When things fall apart in our lives,
the season has ended for us too.
But our tendency is to hold unto our dead leaves,
going against the wheel of life.
Stubborn egos and frightened hearts
cause us to cling to our illusions.
Though our leaves have already crumbled;
fear keeps us stuck in denial.
If we could hear our soul has to say,
we'd stop clutching yesterday's lessons,
cease our efforts to get our way,
and trust the mysterious way life works.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

A gift to you

Picture yourself as a women who...
Loves herself completely

Is passionate about her dreams

Expresses herself with graceful honesty

Is true to herself

Awakens to feeling blissfully happy

Flings open her imagination

Holds the key to her success

Freely shares her gifts with the world

Friday, March 27, 2015

Heart lessons

One of the traits I value most in a relationship is loyalty. I'm pretty certain that's because of the relationship I had with my grandparents. Growing up they provided a loving, safe refuge for a frightened little girl. Never once did I feel judged or betrayed. They taught beautiful lessons about giving from the heart...

“Your truest friends are the ones who will stand by you in your darkest moments--because they're willing to brave the shadows with you--and in your greatest moments--because they're not afraid to let you shine.” - Nicole Yatsonsky  

Thursday, March 26, 2015


She came to know herself intimately...
by exploring all...
 the aspects of her character.
She did it with kindness.
And she worked tirelessly...
 to change any behaviors...
 that no longer felt right for her.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Claiming freedom

I wrote this post more than two years ago. I thought it'd be fun to re-visit it...

Sept 16, 2012
In January, I declared this year would be about freedom...freedom from fear of any kind. As some of you know, I ended up in the hospital right after I made my brave declaration. At first I was terrified. But on the third day I had a profound spiritual experience. I still can't articulate what happened, but I can tell you that I went from feeling terror to a state of pure bliss. Here I was lying in a hospital bed being tested, poked, and prodded, yet feeling completely content and peaceful to be there.

Since then, I've had many more opportunities to face fear. A couple of weeks ago I overcame my fear of public speaking. I had lugged this one around since I was 13.

 This morning I decided I'm ready to work on my fear of road trips. Having FMS, I get uncomfortable being in a car for periods of time. And because stress can make me sick for weeks, I have avoided traveling. Now I'm ready to face it. I'm making some plans...

I also discovered I had fear concerning love. My daughter's death rocked my trust in love for a long time in deep, unexplainable ways. Because my heart became so fragile, I wanted to protect it. But to protect it meant to be guarded. It was hard to see myself as guarded because grief had also softened my heart and had given me more compassion. I've been working on this. I can feel a big shift...changes...not feeling so afraid anymore.

This has been the most amazing, transforming, challenging, awesome year. But my work isn't done. I have more hurdles to jump, but fear no longer has me in it's clenches. I am freer than I ever have been. It's made a huge difference in how I interact in the world. 


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Carrying the burdens of the past

If you were judged as a child,
there's a good chance you carry shame.

 Shame can take us to a dark, icky place...
where we feel horrible about ourselves.

Blaming others can become a way... 
we try to deflect this bad feeling.
But pointing fingers harms relationships

Shame needs to be acknowledged and healed.
Otherwise it will project itself unto others...
over and over again.